2 Piece Rods

Carrot Stix 2 Piece Fishing Rods come in a wide variety that you are bound to find your ultimate 2 Piece Rod Configuration.
Including the All New Air Wave Guide System giving you up to 2 Times the Distance. And there is a lot more to the Carrot Stix 2 Piece Rod Series giving you the best Fishing Companion you can get.


Following the Foot Steps of the Original One Piece Ultra sensitivity of a carrot Stix and One of the most balanced Rods on the Planet – most weighing under 80 grams. These New Wild Wild 2 :piece Rods cone with Carrot Stix supports all Anglers, and alike with only the highest quality products . selected components only can provide the experience that the Carrot Stix Rod can. 

Starting at $129.99