How to Choose a Fishing Rod

Hi Everyone,

We put this list together to help y'all choose your next rod. These are some things we should all consider when deciding on our next big purchase!

1. Length - measured from the tip to the end of the butt. The shorter rods cast shorter distances and are usually for lightweight lures. Longer rods cast further distances and are usually for fly fishing and heavier lures.

2. Weight - measured either by the weight of the lure it is designed to cast, or the fishing line weight it is designed to handle.

3. Action - it is the point on the rod where it bends. A heavier action means stiffer backbone on the rod; it is recommended for bass or other larger species of fish. A lighter action is usually used for lighter species of fish.

4. Material - fishing rods are made of graphite, fibreglass, or combination of both materials. Graphite rods are lighter and stiffer, but more brittle than fibreglass rods. Fibreglass rods are heavier but more flexible than graphite rods.

5. Reel -  spinning reels are less likely to get tangled. They work well with lighter lures and baits. Casting reels allow more control but more difficult to use. They are used more often with heavier artificial lures.