Spinning Reels & Casting Reels

Choosing the right gear ratio is all about technique and baits. Whether you want something slow or fast, the Carrot Stix Spinning Reel allows it all. There is nothing else like it.


A slow reel is the ideal choice for most crank baiting. Our reels, starting at a gear ratio of 6:1, are your workhorses. They get the bulk of the duty with most bass fishing applications, and in a pinch you could do everything slower and faster reels could by cranking slower or faster. The Carrot Stix CSX1000 reel with a 5:1 gear ratio will help get baits to their maximum depth and give you a superior feel so you know exactly what's going on with your lure.

The Dual Speed reels are strong and speeds range from slow moderate to lightning fast.

Starting at $149.99