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Why Fishing?

If you haven't been introduced with fishing in your life, then get yourself involved by having a touch of the fishing industry: Fishing for Beginners – Get Started Guide. Where in here, the basics and the passion about fishing are brought to those who haven't had a chance and time to know. Go Fish!

Don’t forget to bookmark this site, so you can come back to it again. Learning a little something every day about fishing is great way make sure you are a better angler by this time next year.

Fishing Beginners Guide

This is the best place to begin if you are an absolute fishing beginner. You can start with the first article in the series: The Fishing Rod: Parts & Terms and progress systematically through the guide or jump around starting with what interests you most.

Fishing Tips & Tricks

Once you are finished with the Beginners Guide you can move on to read the tips and tricks section which will help you refine some of the things you’ve already learned or go over other fishing related topics like How to Care for and Clean Your Fishing Rod and Reel.

Rigs & Rigging

There are more rigs to learn than you can shake a pole at, but I find it’s best to learn how to tie and fish one well before you move on to the next. Start with How to Tie an Egg Sinker Rig, probably the most useful rig a beginning angler can learn.


Start with the two knots covered in the Beginners Guide then add to your arsenal with the Palomar Knot. An easy way to learn new knots is to print out a knot article and leave it by the T.V. or by your bed along with some line and hook (and a pair of clippers to cut the line). Practice before you go to sleep or during commercials.

Game Fish

If you know you will be fishing for a certain species or you just want to familiarize yourself with the fish in your future go over this section to bone up on your fish smarts. If you know nothing about game fish read about Rainbow Trout and Bass first.

Literate Angler

If your hunger for fishing knowledge and lore is great, then you will certainly want to check out this section. Here you will find books that I’ve personally read and that have helped me get better or inspired me to better fishing adventures. Your first stop should be: What Fish Don’t Want You to Know followed byFreshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques. For a total fishing noob these are two books that you will not want to be without. Start with these two and you can add more as you get better.


Once you know what you need, in terms of tackle and outdoor gear, take a look through the resources page before you buy. Often I’ve gotten a much better deal online than off. I have a couple of recommended magazines there that I love. I find it very motivating to get a monthly reminder of outdoor adventures that are possible, especially when work and other obligations keep me from the outdoors.