Gen-X Elite

Defined as “the most advanced and innovative rods in the industry”, the new Gen X Elite series was produced from years of genuine experience from experts, professionals, and legends around the world.


    The new Gen-X Elite rods boast an improved strength of up to 40% due to an all new blank weave, making the whole rod ultra light and sensitive. It comes with an imported 5A Grade cork handle, and incorporates a new generation of Polymer Nano Fibers with improved properties such as shock and heat resistance, and vibration absorbance.
    Featuring a Gold on Gold guide system with its light-weight solid titanium frame, running guides, strengthened durability, corrosion-free, and line control system that ensures your line-to-guide flow is super smooth. This is for experienced Anglers who want to know what’s going on under the water.

Starting at $399.99