About Us

Did you know that the name Carrot Stix came from the word BIO-NANOCELLULOSE FIBRES?

Well, it's true, because the bio-nanocellulose fibres used to make the fishing rod tighter and more responsive come from real carrots—thus the name Carrot Stix™!

Our rods had been developed by a world-renowned Science Lab, an innovative technology company that brought our brand into the marketplace. These bio-nanocellulose fibres are added to a bonded matrix for composing a super strong bond, “bio-polymer”. When the Nano size micro-spheres of silica are added to the special resin, the compression strength is improved up to 75%. With the use of this Nano Silica Technology, developed by a world-renowned Science Lab, Carrot Stix™ rod blanks are durable without excessive weight.

The Carrot Stix™ fishing rods were introduced at the 2007 ICAST show, and walked away with the unprecedented THREE BEST OF SHOW WINNING categories. With offices in Canada and the United States, Carrot Stix™ caters to countries all over the world, and is committed to the Outdoor Sports Industry and will continue to strive for perfection in all products.

Since 2007, Carrot Stix™ has won more than 47 Awards, including "Best Product of the Year" several years in a row, "Most Innovative Product", and most importantly has won the respect of over 500,000 amateur and professional anglers.