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Latest Update: 06/26/2019

About Carrot Stix™ Rods

At Carrot Stix™, the high quality graphite blanks of our rods are created with “bio-polymer”, a bonded matrix composed of bio-nanocellulose fibres. When the nano size micro-spheres of silica are added to the special resin, the compression strength is improved up to 75%. With the use of this nano silica technology, developed by a world-renowned science lab, Carrot Stix™ rod blanks are durable without excessive weight.

The original Carrot Stix™ (e21 series) are made with an innovative technology that uses the bio-nanocellulose fibres extracted from real carrots. As a result, Carrot Stix™ rods are lighter, stronger, more sensitive and responsive, and shock absorbent, providing a new fishing experience. Fish longer and feel more bites!

American Tackle MicroWave Guides are integrated to optimize chances of feeling more bites. The technology behind these MicroWave Guides reduces line snap on the rod while casting, which allows longer and more accurate casts.

The action of a rod is best described as the strength or lifting power required to move a fish. For each rod, action is created by analyzing its application, environmental condition, and fishing style. At Carrot Stix™, each series is produced with various blends of materials and graded independently, e.g., a freshwater rod with medium heavy action will feel different from a saltwater rod with medium heavy action.

The taper of a rod describes where it flexes during the cast and on the retrieve. In combination with the materials and components, it determines how a rod performs: a rod with extra fast taper flexes closest to the tip; on the other hand, as the taper descends from extra fast to medium, the flex descends through the rod blank towards the butt section.
Carrot Stix™ designs each taper in consideration of variables such as angle preferences, variety of personal styles, and the presentation and performance of lure on the delivery and retrieve. We strive to provide anglers chances to optimize variables when the proper taper is combined with the proper lure.


Warranty claims are automatically deactivated if there is no response for over 60 days after last contact from the customer.

Yes, you are covered as long as your rod is purchased officially from Carrot Stix™ or any authorized tackle shops/distributors. Please be aware that the owner of the rod must be the one to file a warranty claim.

Carrot Stix™ is committed to providing high quality products that are free from nonconformity in material and workmanship. Issues of nonconformity are almost always evident within the first few uses; therefore, a one-year limited warranty provides a fair and sufficient coverage against nonconformity in material and workmanship.

Carrot Stix™ lifetime warranty has always been limited to protecting the rod against nonconformity in material and workmanship. While frequently misunderstood, the Lifetime Warranty has never been an unconditional warranty that covers normal wear and tear, accidents, and/or abuse. As issues of nonconformity are almost always evident within the first few uses, Carrot Stix™ firmly believes that a One-Year Limited Warranty provides a sufficient and fair coverage against nonconformity in material and workmanship.

With misuse of the lifetime warranty in the past, Carrot Stix™ has revised the Lifetime Warranty to a one-year limited warranty, which covers the products against nonconformity in material and workmanship. Carrot Stix™ will verify the reason and remain the rights to reject any claims deemed ineligible. We Carrot Stix™ apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Carrot Stix™ will continue to honour the over-the-counter replacement policy for any rods sold with the over-the-counter replacement policy. However, this has always been an elective program for the participating retailers. Retailers that do not wish to participate will instruct their customers to make warranty claims directly with Carrot Stix™.

Yes. A receipt from an authorized Carrot Stix™ retailer* is a requirement for Carrot Stix™ warranty registration process. For rods purchased prior to 2019, receipts are also required unless we have records of your purchase.
*An authorized Carrot Stix™ retailer will possess a brick and mortar shop. Carrot Stix™ will not warranty product that was purchased through online auction sites (ex. eBay, Craig’s List, etc.) due to inability to trace the origin of the product.

All rods produced in 2019 and onwards are covered under a one-year limited warranty. Rods produced in prior to 2019 do not have a serial number on the rod blank, in which they are covered with a lifetime warranty; therefore, a rod that has a serial number on the rod blank is covered under a limited one year warranty.

Shipping and Returns

The shipping charge for all orders is a flat rate of $54.95 + $5.00 of insurance coverage (mandatory). Free shipping is automatically applied to orders over $299.99 before tax. Additional charges will apply for orders that require special shipping services.
Note: Due to new import taxes & fees, as of July 1st, 2019 the shipping charge for all orders have been increased to $54.95 + $5.00 of insurance charge (mandatory).

Customs and duty fees may be collected by the government of the country if you're not an US customer. Carrot Stix™ is not responsible for any charges.

If you have received different items from your order, please contact us at 1-888-234-7421 or Please be prepared to provide your order invoice when contacting us.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your order has been shipped. Please ensure that your email address and shipping address are correct. Please note that Carrot Stix™ cannot not ship to PO Boxes or APO's, and is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Orders will take 3-14 business days to be processed. Once processed, orders will be shipped immediately which usually takes 3-14 business days and is subject to delays. Please ensure you or someone on your behalf will be present to receive the package.

Unless requested, Carrot Stix™ packages do not require signatures to be released. Please ensure you or someone on your behalf will be present to receive the package. We recommend shipping to a business address if you will not be home at time of delivery.

Please contact customer service at 1-888-234-7421 or email us at

Purchases and Billing

It usually takes 1-3 business days to process after an order is placed. This period of time is required to prevent fraudulent and undesired charges.

We only accept PayPal, credit and debit card payment of the following major cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

We are unable to fulfill orders that are not authorized by the cardholder or card company. We recommend contacting your banking institution(s) if your card was declined or was not approved.

No, Carrot Stix™ does not accept back-orders. Instead, customers can sign up for restock email notifications for unavailable item(s).

All orders can only be cancelled BEFORE SHIPMENT IS PROCESSED. If the packages have been shipped, it may only be processed as a return with full refund; the package received must be returned in its original condition.

Yes, you can return unwanted items within 30 days of date of delivery. For all returns, all original tags must be attached, and it must be returned in the original packaging. If you have any questions, please contact us.