Pro Series Tournament

A rod made to win, the Carrot Stix Wild Wild Pro series are designed for tournaments and competitions, where Anglers would certainly want complete control all the time.


Sonic Sensitivity is one key to the prize. The Carrot Stix low density Carrot Nano Fibers used for our Pro series provides not only wider flexibility but an Award Winning Curve. The high density cork handles also give Anglers the sea-to-shore connection unlike any other rod ever made.

Carrot Stix supports all Anglers and alike with only the highest quality products. Selected components provide the experience only a Carrot Stix rod can.

The American Tackle Professional Staff has provided the highest level of quality and support than other contributors to the Industry, and Carrot Stix has partnered up with them to continue supporting the Sport! This combination of professionalism and engineering has won various tournaments and competitions and marked a new record in the industry.

Starting at $299.99