C2WX671M-MF-S – 6’7″ – 2.01 m – Med MOD FAST
July 5, 2015
C2WX701ML-F-S – 7’0″ – 2.13 m – Med Lite FAST
July 5, 2015
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C2WX671MH-F-S – 6’7″ – 2.01 m – Med Hvy FAST

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Wild Wild Orange The Original, Experience and Living Legend … Powerful Metallic Orange Look  and  Original Flexible Nano Fibre Filament New Hookkeeper location

UPC Code: 741456110645
Length: 6’7″ – 2.01 m
Power: MED HVY
Action:  FAST
Lure Wt.:  3/16 – 3/4oz – 5.3 ~ 21.3 g
Line Wt.: 8-15lbs – 3.6 ~ 6.8 kg
Grip:  10″ – 25.4 cm
Guides: Tip+8

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Reviews (29)

29 reviews for C2WX671MH-F-S – 6’7″ – 2.01 m – Med Hvy FAST

  1. Brad Hoffman

    This rod is a light weight rod with a lot of backbone but with a light action tip . its fast action tip combined with a heavy action rod makes for one awesome combination . this rod definitely has what it takes for every speices of fish out there . if u need a rod to get a job done well this is it .. you need to get a fish out the weeds or rocks this one will for sure get the job done. I would recommend this rod to everyone .

  2. Chris Wetzel Fishing

    Wild wild orange 6’7 med heavy
    Very impressed with this rod.
    This rod is the best combo of sensitivity/backbone/lightness. I use this rod for skipping docks and small crankbaits. There’s enough of a soft tip for easy control and enough backbone to haul the fish out of tight places. I highly recommend this rod for the beginner to advanced anglers.

    Chris Wetzel

  3. TheSlopapotamus

    talk about a lightweight spinning rod even with the reel on it. works great for me strong and durable. only thing i ont like about it is that the placement for the baithook, on the top.. it keeps catching my line when reeling in. i still recommend this rod cuz its perfect!

  4. ryanmartin18

    I like this rod a lot. the only problem I have about it is, the hook keeper( I believe that is the proper term for it). When I got to reel my slacked line in, my line catches on it every time. All in all through it is a excellent rod.

  5. Scott Acheson

    I was looking for a new skipping rod I texas rig a stick bait on this rod and use it to skip my lures way up under trees and docks. This rod is perfect for that it is so comfortable to use that it makes you more accurate with less effort but still strong enough to pull fish from structure. Great rod I cant wait to get more.

    Scott Acheson
    FLW Canada Tour pro

  6. JustinGirardFishing

    Can’t say enough about this rod. I hate to admit this but I was always a 2 piece rod lover until now. The Wild Orange C2WX671-f-s is unbelievable. From casting to hooking up fish, it is the ultimate anglers rod, a must have for avid or new anglers! I have caught big bass and small pan fish and no matter the size of the fish, you feel every movement and are in complete control when reeling in a fish! This rod needs to be in every anglers boat!

  7. tordavis

    The Wild Wild Orange is gorgeous, light weight and powerful. In fact, it’s the lightest rod I’ve ever held in my hand! Put one of these in the boat and you’ll be the talk of the lake!

  8. bassman1982

    this is an awesome rod perfect weight and feel for all around fishing

  9. briandaun

    I received my C2WX671MH-F-S this past week. This rod has a great backbone with a nice soft tip. The rod is well balanced after putting a reel on it. The reel seat is also well constructed. This is a great rod to add to the arsenal.

  10. KayakFishnCarl

    Hey guys. I just got my hands on this rod on Friday. The first thing that came out of my mouth taking it out of the shipping tube was “WOW”. The website pictures do not do the look of this rod justice. It’s not just orange, it’s a deep, metallic orange with a pearlescent glow. This is my first one piece rod, and to be honest, I am amazed at the difference between the level of quality of CarrotStix rods and the mass produced big box store rods that I have been using in the past. I handed this rod to my wife, and we both can’t beleive how light it is. The technology that has gone into this rod is amazing. The flexible nano fibre filament construction really sets this rod apart from other brands. I plan to get out today to fish with this rod. I know the light weight and premium materials will help at the end of the day when I don’t have a sore shoulder from wielding my old, heavy rods. THANKS CarrotStix!

  11. MattLooney

    I could feel from the moment this rod came out of its sleeve that this was going to be one of my favorite rods in my arsenal. I love fishing a shakey head on any body of water when the fishing gets tough, and so i am very picky in what rod i use to accomplish this task. This rod is an amazing rod that is truly shocking in the feel you get of the bottom and the way you can feel the slightest strikes that you will miss with any other rod. I highly recommend everyone gives this rod a try!

  12. xtremehookin

    I am an avid saltwater fisherman. I am also a guide out of Cedar Key, Fl. This rod blew me away with the sensitivity and lightweight. I normally fish with 7’0″ or 7’6″ rods, but this road held its own and did not let me down. I fished this rod with an Okuma Inspira reel with 30lb braided line and popping cork with 24 inches of 20lb leader, the same setup I use with the larger length rods and I tested it with all I could throw at it. It did really well with upper slot trout. unfortunately I was not able to hook a large Redfish but a few shorts and the rod held its own. I’m not too certain on a large Redfish but I have faith that it will get the job done and bring them in the boat!

  13. rafack

    This is a really fun and versatile rod. I use this rod for both fresh and salt water fishing. Setup primarily for fresh water fishing, it has the backbone to take on larger and stronger salt water species. Nicely constructed with guides that facilitate mono or braid. also a good size for the fisherman who likes to walk and fish. Throws almost any style of lure within its lure weight size, but I have been able to throw up to an ounce with confidence. Good all around reliable rod.

  14. Darrell connell

    You will not find a better entry level rod on the market. The feel and weight of the rod is unmatched for the price. I used the c2wx671mh-f-s for small Crank baits and spinner baits. Plenty of backbone to pull the crankbaits but sensitive so you can feel the bite. Best bang for your buck

  15. DEAT20

    I ust to have Abu Garcia rods till this year. I received sponsorship from Carrot Stix and this was one of the rods they sent me. I will never go back to any other brand. I absolutely love the feel of the rod to how easy I can pull Bass out of the weeds with little ease. I am very thankful that I am part of Team Orange and I am performing outstanding in tournaments. I have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 8th place finishes in club events. I also finished 32 out of 212 anglers at the OBN Qualifier in Trenton. That’s the highest seed finish I have ever had at this tournament. And as a result of my success which I definitely have to Thank Carrot Stix again I’ll be aiming for a 1st place finish at the Berkley B1 Canadian Championship in late Sept.

  16. Dozer1972

    I was a little in the air on this rod when I received it last week so I didn’t really expect a lot out of it sunday in my tournament but boy was I wrong. I put a small 1/8 ounce round ball jig head with a plastic bait and shocked by the way it felt and responded! I was able to skip baits under docks and boats with easy and the most important part was I could feel the bite and pull the fish right out and in the boat. Once again the carrot stix brand has achieved another 5Star product! Ron McCain, Michigan

  17. Skeetermike

    This rod had blown my mind as to how sensitive it is. Using braided line you can actually hear your jig hitting sand and rocks. This rod has put all my other name brand rods to shame.


    Absolutely amazing lightweight and sensitive rod. Works great for kayak fishing and doesn’t wear your wrists out from all day casting. I have seen this sucker bend all the way down from the tip to my kayak and hold like a champ. I agree with the others about the hook holder, it will catch your line in this Texas wind, but it is easily removed. All in all…perfect kayak rod.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    These rods are extremely light, sensitive and have really good backbone. Will be adding more to my arsenal!

  20. Rated 5 out of 5

    Travislang (verified owner)

    Couldn’t ask for a better medium heavy rod! Great strength meets superior sensativity! You can feel everything the fish does, and get them out of any mess.. I will definetly keep buy rods from this company!

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Lee

    Perfect rod for all my dropshots and wacky rigs. Will be getting more of these

  22. Rated 4 out of 5


    I just received the second one of these rods that I own, and I have used the first one for almost a year. These are amazing rods, sensitive, light, and easy to use. I’ve caught lots of fish with it, its strong and tough. I’m glad to have another one in my arsenal!

  23. Rated 5 out of 5


    undoubtably the best Rods I’ve had in my hands for any kind of fishing! Sensitivity in these Rods is insane can literally feel the bark on trees under the water and has the back bone to do anything you need! From pulling fish out of the thick down trees to dragging them through the thick weeds! I absolutely love these Rods! Only thing I do not like about them is the bait keeper! Only reason I say this is I’ve had 2 of them come off not completely but the part that you actually attach your hook to is gone! Besides that your looking for a great rod look no further!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this rod for drop shot and shaky head fishing. Super sensitive and already won me a tournament!

  25. Rated 4 out of 5


    New to the carrot stix military pro staff and was sent this rod.

    For a MH it is incredibly light, and when fished in thick cover, has great backbone when paired with the right reel.

    Great rod for the price! As the sensitivity of the rod is still great even though you are in that heavy action side.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5


    I like this rod for jigging walleye and for skipping docks for bass. It’s crazy light and has a ton of back bone and a sensitive tip

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    StevenJE1 (verified owner)

    Extremely awesome rod!!!!! Very very light weight and comfortable in your hand. I can cast farther and working on adjusting for that. With the fast action it has on the fish bite you have a better chance of more catches. This is a rod I would recommend to everybody to buy.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bblevins89 (verified owner)

    Awesome rod great a lot of senkos and shaky heads with this rod and can feel every bump, rock, etc on the bottom. Light weight and very comfortable in hand

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric Winters

    This rod is awesome!! Not only does it have that classic, known around the world orange color, it performs as promised. I use this to Texas rig, and shakey head rig. It is heavy action, but still sensitive to use for any applications. Highly recommend this bad boy to everyone who wants a dependable, lite, and strong rod

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