C2WZ761H-F-C – 7’6″ – 2.29 m – Hvy FAST
July 5, 2015
C2WZ801XXH-XF-SBC – 8’0″ – 2.44 m – Xxtra Hvy XTRA FAST
July 5, 2015
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C2WZ761XXH-F-C – 7’6″ – 2.29 m – Xxtra Hvy FAST

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The Original Wild Wild Black Series, Experience the Magic of a magnificent  Prize Winning Fishing Rod, Your Ultimate fishing Companion

UPC Code: 741456110409
Length: 7’6″ – 2.29 m
Action:  FAST
Lure Wt.:  2 – 5oz – 56.7 ~ 141.7 g
Line Wt.: 15-40lb – 6.8 ~ 18.1 kg
Grip:  12″ – 30.5 cm
Guides: Tip+9

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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for C2WZ761XXH-F-C – 7’6″ – 2.29 m – Xxtra Hvy FAST

  1. shawncopelin

    Just received this rod as a warranty replacement rod. I love to throw heavy swim baits so when this rod hit the door step my reel was on, I tied my 2 ounce swim bait on and I hit the water. The rod handle the large bait well and has a solid backbone.

  2. Jgateley

    Man this thing is a beast! I’ve been using mine with a football jig and it will drive that hook home even on the longest of casts.


    Awsome rod for punching and umbrella rig set. Sensitivity is excellent and feel is awsome.

  4. Race1495

    For a XX Heavy rod this rod is extremely light and handles very well

  5. bowfish76

    Love this Rod, Super Light weight with extreme strength, this rod is made for hardcore bass fishing! Thank you Carrot Stix!

  6. matt_tooley

    Great rod with tons of power but the weight of an ultra light.


    I love this rod, casts a mile. very light for a extra extra heavy rod. When it comes to throwing big weights like a 2oz tungsten, into the heavy stuff.. you need back bone and this rod has it. also need rod to me light and perfectly balanced so you can fish all day with out sore arms.. Awesome.. love it..

  8. R_MacD

    Recieved my wild wild black XXH and What a rod! my goodness I have been using it on large pike. sight casting shallow bays, cabbage beds and even trolling large cranks on drop offs. This thing is amazingly accurate when casting medium to large baits. And the huge back bone for hook sets is like nothing else. But dont let the “XXH” class scare you. it definatly is not a “pool cue” like some other rods in that action class, it still has a soft enough tip that it feels like it has some “Finesse” to it. I cant wait to try jigging for large lake trout with it.

  9. Brutusgw

    LIGHT, STRONG, STRAIGHT UP WILD! I have been using this rod early season for Pike, Muskie and Largemouth. Name a rod you can use for 2-5 oz muskie and pike baits one day and then the next day use it for Dunking and Pitching for Largemouth Bass! Bet you can’t! This rod is very special! Not only does it have the back bone, and stiffness to handle running up to 5oz jerk and crank baits run by a VERY aggressive retriever as myself. I can set it up in the same day to work heavy slop for Bass where I need a sensitive rod to feel the bites, but also a strong rod to pull fish out of thick cover. Its 12″ grip gives you the support and leverage you want when running larger profile baits and setting hard on bigger fish. When Pitching and Dunking the rod is extremely sensitive so you will be able to feel the most finicky of fish pick up the bait. Then when you set on the fish you have 7’6″absolute BEAST of a rod to set the hook and haul the fish out of the thickest of cover! I have owned many 7’6″ rods but never had one this versatile. Its absolutely WILD!

  10. davetexas22

    The Wild Wild Workhorse! This is one beast of a rod but very light and sensitive. I have pulled many bass out of the thick cedar trees with this rod. I also use it from time to time as my a-rig rod and my frog rod. Keep up the good work Carrot Stix!


    Wow, what a rod! This rod is super light and sensitive for an extra heavy rod. I realized I needed some extra backbone for my structure jigs because I wasn’t getting good enough hooksets on other rods I had been using for the job, and since switching to this rod I haven’t lost one fish that I’ve hooked! Thanks Carrot Stix, this rod has given me renewed confidence in one of my favorite techniques to catch BIG BASS!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shane Stiehl (verified owner)

    Wild is in this rod’s name for a reason!!! For those of you that like using a pool cue for flipping jigs into nasty cover, this rod is for you. Absolutely loved the way this rod handled while pulling the fish out of heavy vegetation. They had no time to dig down and wrap me in it after I crossed their eyes. With this rod “YOU” control the fish in any scenario period!!!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is a great rod. Sensitive, light , castable and has a great back bone for Crushing hook sets. It’s the best rod for frogging

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