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Carrot Stix Prides Themselves on Excellent Quality,
exclusive Craftsmanship and Only State of Art Manufacturing
stemming from of Organic Components and Materials.

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If there is a case where the big one got away due to a product malfunction, Carrot Stix will not give up perfecting its Production and will fully warranty any Product Malfunctions.

You simply need to fill out the on line form and click submit.

You do Not need to send the Broken Rod Back unless you have been requested to, but please take a picture of the Rod with any digital camera or your Cell Phone, and please send it by email as an attachment along with a photo or scan of your proof of purchase. Please Note to Indicate YOUR NAME on the Subject Heading so we may link your pictures to your warranty form.

In the event that a replacement Rod needs to be shipped out there will be a $44.95 Charge for Shipping and Handling to the United States Postal Service for Immediate Ground delivery Plus $5 Insurance.

You will also have the option to
Upgrade or exchange your rod.