Warranty Claim Form

Thank you for loving fishing as much as we do!

We will try to make your warranty claim as simple as possible.

As of 1/29/2018, our warranty policy has changed. Please review the below terms and conditions carefully before filing a claim.
Please also expect another change in the coming months. The shipping and handling fee is subject to change as shipping rates have increased.

We will need a video that clearly shows the product model number (located below the handle for rods) and the damage/defect in the product.
Please include an explanation of how the product broke in the video or the email, oral or written.
Please send it to us by email with your name and warranty ticket number indicated somewhere. EMAIL: info@carrotstix.com

A standard $49.95 USD ($44.95 S&H + $5.00 Insurance MANDATORY) shipping and handling fee per warrantied rod, or $19.95 USD ($5 Insurance included) shipping and handling fee per reel, will apply. You do NOT need to mail the defective product back back to us unless you have been requested to. We may request your original bill of sale or proof of purchase. In that case, please provide your original receipt or proof of purchase which clearly states the product name and the date of purchase.

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